Bershka Look N1 December 2016.

Wake up! It’s saturday, so let’s go out for shopping! Just joking, of course, there’s no worse day to go shopping. It would be better to go during the week, after work or early morning during the week end, to avoid the crowds.
We are at Bershka now. Super narrow fitting room, strange lights but we’re trying our best. If my face looks greenish don’t worry, it’s because of the lights.

I love particularly like silver and I would match it with black only. It’s fancy and attracts the eye, so be careful not to exaggerate.


Bershka Look N1 December 2016

Silver jacket, faux-leather € 59,99

White t-shirt € 9,99

Black trousers € 19,99

Grey knit hat

Grey sneakers, fabric € 45,99


Shop: Bershka.   Location: Orio Center, Orio al Serio (Bergamo, Italy).





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