Social networks, print magazines and independent entities. The one factor that unites fashion lovers around the world is information. Whether it’s fashion shows, events or economic data regarding the fashion system, where do you get your information?

If you want to find a job in the fashion industry, you have to know it. And to get to know it, you need to read, get informed and stay up-to-date. So we have compiled for you some platforms, divided by interests, that can help you and stimulate you by flooding you with ideas and news.


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Let’s start with news from publishing groups
Fashion magazines, printed or online, are certainly many. Among the most renowned and historic names emerges Vogue, the monthly periodical founded in 1892 in New York by Arthur Baldwin Turnure and today published by Condé Nast. In addition to stories about fashion, designers and a strong sense of community, other sections such as Beauty, Current Events and Lifestyle branch out in Vogue. In Europe, on the other hand, Marie Claire was founded in France in 1937, again with a monthly issue, which in addition to talking about fashion, gives advice in terms of food, beauty and horoscope. To follow the best looks to wear, similar to those of the stars, we recommend Grazia and Elle, which follow and take up the main trends of the moment, as well as Vanity Fair, a lifestyle, culture and fashion periodical that entered the Italian market in 2003, under the direction of Condé Nast.


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Runway looks
If you want to see the looks from all the fashion shows and observe the latest collection of your favorite designer, all you have to do is ‘study’ Vogue Runaway, where you can find the runways by season and in alphabetical order. The same work is done by Fashion Network, which dedicates a special section for each season, where you can also vote on the various collections.


Vogue Runway app
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How much does the fashion market bill?
It is known that fashion is a market with roots firmly embedded in the economy. If you want to inform yourself about the latest industry numbers PambiancoNews releases daily revenues and turnovers, so you can stay up to date with the latest strategies of fashion players. And if you want to read the news in English surely Business of Fashion will do the trick (and if you are a student, you can even subscribe for free!), as will Vogue Business.


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And then there’s Instagram
You wake up in the morning, you’re eating breakfast, and you want to read the latest news of the moment. Are you short on time? Maybe StyleNotCom can be for you. Born from the social platform, with a recognizable blue background, this profile summarizes the latest news in a few (sometimes just one) lines to satisfy curiosity in seconds. Another profile, which also reports on the site instead, with a decidedly avant-garde slant is Nssmagazine, which with a few photos, a few lines (and even an English translation for each post) chronicles the latest trends of the moment, ranging from the news per se to more original cuts, such as “Does it still make sense to rate celebrities’ looks?” These formats report the news in a short, concise, and straightforward manner.


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In short, there are numerous hubs where you can inform yourself. We have only mentioned a few of them, but next time we will recommend others and give you more insights to expand your cultural background more and more.

Did you know these? Where do you read to inform yourselves?
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by Giorgia Dallasio
28th October, 2022