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Hi girls, welcome back to our date with Vintage!

During the last year we have discovered together how to reuse the old clothes/accessories of your moms, grandmothers and aunts, but if you, like me, have already raided their wardrobes and are looking for other unique and quality items, vintage markets are for you!
The vintage markets, also called Thrift markets, are fairs or small markets where you can find really everything. Indeed, the great paradox of these markets is that the smaller the city, the higher the probability of finding priceless items!

We decided to offer a selection of Italian thrift markets, collecting the most characteristic. This will allow you to find, in any part of Italy you are, the most beautiful vintage clothes!


Garage Sale – Rigattieri per hobby (Borghetto Flaminio): if you are looking for a designer item you absolutely must visit it. It is very close to Villa Borghese and is open every Sunday.
Vintage Market of Rome (Circolo degli artisti, via Casilina): held every third Sunday of the month. There are many stalls with outfits unobtainable. You can get bargains for all budgets.
Monti Market (Hotel Palatino, via Leonina 46): here you can find from emerging designers to a wide range of designer accessories of major brands such as Gucci, Fendi, Dior, and many others!


Fiera di Sinigaglia (via Pasquale Paoli 1): it is the oldest flea market in the city where you can find everything and at very advantageous prices. With 100 stalls, you’ll be spoiled for choice: from brand-name clothes, skirts and dresses by designers of the 50s, 60s and 70s, cashmere sweaters in excellent condition, shoes, furniture and silverware, to used bicycles, very convenient for getting around the city.
East Market (via Mecenate 88/A): it’s your destination if you are looking for alternative productions, custom garments and the latest trends in vintage. Once a month, you can take a tour among stands of extremely sought-after objects. The organizers have done a great job in finding the most absurd sellers and the most original objects: what you find at Eastmarket, you find only at Eastmarket.

Balon del Sabato (from Porta Palazzo to Piazza della Repubblica): This historic flea market has been held on and off since 1857. Already at seven o’clock in the morning it opens its curtain on a colorful and colorful set of stalls: junk dealers, real antiquarians, vintage stockists, creative artists, second-hand dealers display their products side by side. Instead, on the second Sunday of each month, from 8 to 18, there is the Gran Balon, the minor antiques market in Turin since 1985, which has 250 stalls, 50 stores, as well as several bars and restaurants. The streets involved are via Lanino, via Mameli, Canale Carpanini and Borgo Dora: here antique dealers and junk dealers display furniture, ceramics, handicrafts, but also books and vintage clothing.

Dada Vintage (via Mezzocannone 71): is a market located in a renovated building that once housed an old printing house that has remained as an indelible trace in the furnishings. Here you can indulge yourself by choosing bell-bottoms, blouses, skirts and shoes in retro style with outfits and accessories from the 50s to the most recent past.

Montagnola Market: it is one of the most important markets in Bologna and it is very popular among the citizens themselves. A part of the market is dedicated to clothes, shoes, household items and leather goods. Instead, the part that develops towards the gardens is dedicated to second-hand and vintage goods. It is possible to get good deals and there is a great variety of products.

Vintageria (campo S. Maria Mater Domini): the 100 square meters of the store are typically Venetian, with floors not quite lined up, exposed bricks but a density of style per square meter quite rare to find. It’s a little treasure chest full of poetry, of unique clothes, full of charm and history, that the Vintageria team looks for around Europe.

San Lorenzo Market (from Via Nazionale to the Duomo): it is certainly the most important of Florence. It takes place in a large area of the historic center and you can find hats, clothes, leather goods, city maps, gadgets and souvenirs.

Are you not in any of these cities? Don’t worry, VINOKILO will surely come to your country too!
Vinokilo is a traveling market that offers unique and quality accessories and clothes, different alternatives and divided by types, brands, years, styles, shapes, fabrics, colors and sizes.
More than 10 thousand pieces sold by weight: the first and second day at 50 euros per kilo, the other three days the price drops to 40.
This concept was founded in 2016 by the young German entrepreneur Robin Balser and collects vintage pieces through a selection process that mixes the charm of the second hand with the most contemporary taste and destinations of use: a constantly updated offer of accessible fashion, high quality and low environmental impact.