Quiet luxury defines a phenomenon that has long since landed in the biggest fashion houses, winding its way through fashion shows and stores in major cities around the world. How does one recognize it? It embraces minimalism and focuses on quality and craftsmanship.

This conception of luxury behaves in a “discreet” way, betting on the use of fine materials and the ability to last. Bright and vibrant colors give way to more neutral tones, forgetting logos and monograms. In a word? Essentiality.

Photo: Hermes FW20

Representing the phenomenon in the Belpaese, the most striking example is Bottega Veneta, which even under the direction of new creative director Matthieu Blazy, continues to convey a precise identity but without the use of visible logos or monograms. Its “personality” is not flaunted, does not border on excess, but is revealed with conceptual details, such as woven leather. All this despite the fact that the fashion house has not been on social media for more than a year, making itself known with a completely “minimal” approach.

Photo: Bottega Veneta FW22

And again Brunello Cucinelli with its cashmere garments and delicate colors, and Max Mara, which offers its renowned coats every year. On the other side of the ocean to stand out for its patternless designs but defined elegance is The Row, the brand of sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The lines are refined without overdoing the flashy, but rather embodying a modern style that showcases clean silhouettes with an essential aesthetic.

Photo: The Row Resort 2023

It must be emphasized, however, that minimalism is not new; already from the days of Chanel (with its renowned tweeds) to Martin Margiela in the 1990s, there have been numerous designers who have approached the “less is more” concept, stripping away “unnecessary” embellishments to flow into handcrafted functionality, where the focus falls on the product itself. Now the phenomenon is becoming more significant and is dividing into more and more fashion houses, taking the name “quiet luxury“.

Photo: Herm├Ęs by Martin Margiela FW 2002

In short, quiet luxury seems to be making its way more and more into the fashion system. In a world full of stimuli and decisions to be made, where even fashion comes to feel “overwhelmed,” sometimes, less is more.

Do you think the phenomenon will continue to advance? What do you think?



by Giorgia Dallasio
20th December, 2022