We are at Docksmart. Multibrand shop in Milan. Look N1 January 2017.

Here we are in the first multi brand store in Milan.

It is Docksmart, once known as Docks Dora, a second hand shop that took over the Alfieri’s windmill in the 90s.

Docks Dora was one of the most prominent vintage shops in Milan, a place where you could find items from the 60s and the 70s. Famous stylists came here in search of pieces that could inspire them and their future collections.

Later, when vintage was not fashionable anymore, Docks Dora changed its name in Docksmart, a multibrand shop with both famous and new brands, little known in Italy.

It is a place distant from the rush of the city, where you can go to unwind and take your time to do some shopping.

The vibe is very pleasant and the design is accurate and detailed. Wood makes the place warm, welcoming and ample, making it easy to move around.

Docksmart’s mission is to make their customer live the shopping experience while selling quality clothes at competitive prices.

Il Mulino and La Reception are in via Toffetti 9, on two floors. Circus is in via Medici 5.


Docksmart Look N1 January 2017

Camel t-shirt, real suede € 245 Numph

Black long coat € 99,99 Only  Only

Camel backpack, faux leather € 44,95 Pieces

Camel knit hat with pom poms € 12,95 Pieces


Shop: Docksmart.  Location: Milano, via Toffetti 9.

Link: Docksmart



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