Total black dress for Monday mood, find it at L’ISA in Milan! Look N 6, September 2017.

Hello girls and a good Monday to you all!

I know Monday it’s not a nice day for many of you, but let’s not forget to take care of ourselves and feel self-confident, so let’s choose a refined outfit before going out!

Today I suggest a total black look, perfect for work and for an happy hour after work.

This dress is original and comfortable because it hides all the unwanted shapes. Do you know the stylist? His name is Roberto Musso, I’ll tell you something about him because it’s worth it.

He’s from Milan and takes inspiration from the elegant and essential Japanese style. He’s a top quality artisan, who pays a lot of attention to details and fabrics. You can find his pieces in the trendiest shops, like L’ISA.

To add some colour I chose this parure in the shape of a gingko leaf, made up by earrings, necklace and a ring.

I really hope you had fun during this week together! Don’t forget to go visit Isabella in her boutique, she’ll be happy to meet you!

Tomorrow you’ll be with Anna a new shop in Milan, ENJOY!

L’ISA, look N 6, September 2017.

Dress: € 135 @RobertoMusso

Bracelets: € 95 ELENA SICILIANI

Ring: € 165 @TabithaSoluden

Smaller ring: € 55 SENSIBILIA

Necklace: € 85 SENSIBILIA

Earrings: € 85 SENSIBILIA


Shop: L’ISA.  Location: Via Thaon De Revel 6/8, Milano quartiere Isola.

Link: L’ISA



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