Soft colors marabou feather jacket from Via Ennji Milano, look N3 April 2017.

I know it’s full spring and I know it’s quite a warm spring, so you might wonder why I’m trying on a feather jacket. The answer is that I couldn’t resist, it was too beautiful, the plumes were too soft and I loved the colors, such soft shades. The plumes, I’m not sure if I should tell you, are of marabou, an African bird that is not very cute to look at.

Here I could start the same discourse I started once: some people are in favour of fur and leather and some other are not. Personally I am in favour of it but I understand those who are against it. I’ll stop here.

The skirt is made of faux-leather and it’s of the same pink of the jacket. Shoes are by Miista London, made of leather and net and they are now on sale with a 50% discount. This look is not for everyday, it’s probably too pink but you can wear the items separately. The jacket goes well with a pair of light or black jeans or trousers and the skirt can be paired with a simple black top, to match the shoes.

Via Ennji, Look N3 April 2017

Plume jacket € 218 Urban Code London

Faux leather pink skirt € 129 PI Original brand

Real leather and net shoes € 191 50% discount Miista London


Shop: Via Ennji.  Location: Milano, via Vigevano 35.

Link: Viaennji.com



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