My store in Naples

 Hello girls and welcome back to Naples!

My store is the central shop for all fashion lovers.

Carlo, the owner, is an entrepreneur with big dreams and projects.

 There are two My store shops in Via Carlo Poerio, one of the most elegant areas of Naples.

 In both stores elegance, style and refinement are ruling.

The atmosphere is welcoming, the service is excellent and very attentive.

 My store sells Made In Italy brands like Parosh, Anita Bilardi, People of Shibuya and Chiarini.

Here you can find apparel that range from elegant to sporty without ever losing charm.

As you can see from the outfits, you can mix and create and never get too ordinary!

See the outfits with us!




Store: My Store

Location: Via Carlo Poerio, Naples

Link: My Store

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