Gigi Fazzi tortoiseshell glasses at Desii Vintage Firenze, Look N3 February 2017.

The foulard is a symbol of Hermés, who was the first to introduce it into fashion, taking the cue from neckerchief worn by Napoleon’s soldiers.

Emile Maurice Hermés and Marcel Gandit, a weaver from Lyon who invented a printing tool that could print on silk, created the real Carré scarf in 1937. This method has never changed since then.

Every foulard has a theme. At first the patterns were related to horses, military campaigns, historical events and the Parisian world. Carré scarves became real works of art, designed by artists cued by history they interpreted themes in their own way, becoming unique. Their philosophy is still the same and carrés become more and more valuable with time. Collectors wait for new ones impatiently, they’ve become a must.

I also wanted to tell you about Gigi Fazzi’s glasses, which I did not know before going to Desii Vintage. I asked Carlo for explanations.

These glasses are hand made by a French-Italian artisan who has very small distribution channel and does not sell online.

Every pair of glasses is dedicated to an iconic artist: these I’m wearing, for example, are dedicated to Le Corbusier.

To know more about the shop -> Polly’s fitting room. Discover Desii Vintage.


Desii Vintage Look N3 February 2017

Tortoiseshell glasses  Gigi Fazzi € 210

Foulard 100% silk € 250 Hermès

Sleeveless beige faux-fur  € 120 No brand

Jeans Levis with Chiara Ferragni ref. 501 € 130

Nude patent leather Décolleté € 290 Prada


Shop: Desii Vintage.  Location: Florence, Via dei Conti 17.




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