Hi girls,
This week we’ll talk about a very popular trend of this year, the tracksuit.
 It’s the new office tailleur: neutral, elegant, perfect for working and relaxing at home, but also to go out!

Tracksuits have become viral thanks to celebrities and bloggers who, during the quarantine, have made them the most admired and copied outfit.
No, it’s not a temporary trend: during the past few months, every brand, even the most refined and unexpected ones, have added a new category of product in their selection: loungewear.

Loungewear literally means “home apparel”, but don’t let yourselves be fooled by the name! It’s not flannel gowns and pajamas, but comfortable and refined clothes like cashmere tracksuits: so classy you can wear them to go out, too!

In the blink of an eye, celebrities switched from evening dresses to comfy cotton outfits, thus increasing the demand of this particular kind of clothing.

If you still think a tracksuit can’t be elegant, you’ll change your mind! Show them off matched with colorful bags and lots of bijoux!
What shoes are best to match with a tracksuit? Go for a nice pair of sneakers, then pick an oversize coat and… there you go, your comfy-chic look is ready!
The most beloved models have a sophisticated and minimal design and are made of quality materials, often Eco-Friendly.

A functional and chic piece of clothing to always feel comfortable with.

Remember: to dress well helps staying positive despite the current time we are living in!

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