“The street is often a truer mirror of fashions than any runway.”

How true! During the emblazoned fashion weeks, influencers, top models, bloggers and fashion editors put on a parallel show between one fashion show and another, with sophisticated outfits that intrigue and conquer all. It was a unique opportunity to see how fashion is interpreted by those who live it firsthand.
Analyzing the photos captured by the paparazzi, we found some macro-trends that can inspire you in the coming months.
Are you ready?

Jersey and stretch denim wrap around the hips and legs like a second skin, becoming a valid alternative to the more common leggings! Curled at the ankle, with a slit or with stirrups… the easiest styling solution is certainly to choose plain colours, but how cool are they in a printed version?
Skinny garments are contrasted with flared ones, equipped with a rather important bell bottom (in perfect ABBA style), so as to open into important “sails”, step by step. They can be worn with platform boots and chunky sneakers.

This year the shoes seen during the fashion week were more imaginative and original than ever, seeing a significant reduction in sneakers (so popular until a few years ago) in favor of mules, sandals, high heels and unusual shapes.
Absurdly geometric heels, mules, transparent wedges and mesh pumps, leather clogs, furry sandals, glittered rubber boots, soft quilted boots and a shower of textured platform shoes by Prada.

The knit dress will become a real fashion obsession for next season.
The knit dresses of autumn-winter 2021 present a slim fit, adhering by abandoning the wide volumes. The soft lines that are allowed are: balloon sleeves, maxi lapels that uncover the shoulders and light bellows that caress the hips and widen towards the midi hem. A fashion that wants to reveal the body and the bolder side of the traditional knitwear.

We’ll never get tired of these pants that find “new skin” season after season, thanks to renewed models and a color palette that gets richer and richer.
Leather pants are back in style on the streets of London! In Italy we’ve seen a few, but we know that UK fashion is the most progressive…

The obsession that women feel for men’s suits is something old and well known, a true love that in the last period we have seen suddenly explode and become stronger than ever.
It has been declined in a thousand models and colors and it could only be this garment so refined to embrace the arrival of autumn. The suit stops being boring uniform and becomes oversized, relaxed, cozy. Decorated with applique or embroidery, flamboyant or black, the suit also becomes genderless and is worn by everyone indifferently.

Also this year women’s vest is confirmed as one of the MUST HAVE garments. A little bit teddy-boy, a little bit feminine dandy, sometimes even rock’n roll.
In the autumn-winter 2021 season it arrives on the catwalk in short and long variants, in crochet and in technical fabric.
All that is sleeveless has enjoyed immense success this season! Their success is due to their versatility, the possibility of being included in sophisticated layering without the risk of covering an entire outfit.


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