Hello girls!

 Let me introduce myself: my name is Miriam, I’m 21 and I’m a student of design.

 It wasn’t difficult for me to find my path and choose my school. I realised I do so many things with my hands, every day. With our hands, we can create whatever dream we visualize in our minds.
 One great way to express creativity is customizing.

 A little backstory: my mother, a foreigner, grew up during the rule of Communism. She often tells me that shops always had the same clothes. She has always desired to distinguish herself from other people of her age but unfortunately at that time you were not allowed to express your true self. So she used to buy clothes and then she embroidered them one by one as she liked. Her first work was a cobweb sewn on a white jumper. She still remembers it. She knew that in that way her ordinary jumper that everybody owned had become unique, that she had channelled her essence and personality in that jumper.

I don’t have any doubt that I took after her, with my desire to be different. I believe I took that desire on a new level: I want to show who I am. And what better way to do it than through your clothes? The way we dress says much about our personality.

 I’ve never created anything special, but what I did was to give life to dead clothes (I mean it, I had forgotten I had them in my closet).
 Here is a recent customizing I did on a pair of trousers. For some reasons I never liked them, so I knew I wasn’t going to wear them anymore and I felt free to change them without worrying too much.
I used a tie-dye technique without the tie. Tie-dye consists in tying up a piece of clothing with elastic bands and dip it in bleach to create patterns according to how you’ve tied it. Knowing myself, I thought it best to leave out the elastic bands and just let out some of my impulsiveness and emotions. So I made a hole in the cap of a bottle of bleach and just poured it on the jeans. I waited some time and I swear they have become my favourite.

And I nailed it because I left my mark on these trousers and I also gave a second chance to something that was destined to be forgotten in the closet.

 Thank you PRF for this chance to tell something I care for! 

See you soon, girls!


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