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Today we’ll talk about an item that marked not just the history of fashion but the role of the woman all over the world, too!

Clues: it’s great to wear in the summer, we all own at least one if these and it’s supersexy!

Did you guess?
I’m talking about the miniskirt!!

It was 1963 (the years of pop culture, Beatles and rebellion) when London stylist Mary Quant, famous for her exuberant character, displayed the first version of the miniskirt in her shop “Bazaar“.
The first miniskirts were colorful and square, then they became more transgressive and shorter with time passing. The merit was to consider what working women needed: they wanted comfort, semplicity and freedom of movement. These new skirts, with their futuristic appearance, mirrored the research of an easier, lighter lifestyle. The motto was: minimize to achieve maximum comfort and seductiveness.

Strength, courage, irony, sensuality, irreverence and rebellion: ten centimetres above the knee that challenged the entire world, proclaiming the miniskirt an immortal fashion icon.
At last, an era of conservatorism and prudery! The face of the miniskirt was Twiggy, young model that became an icon of rebellion herself.

 Later on, the beautiful Jean Shrimpton shocked Australia in 1965 attending the Melbourne Cup Carnival with mini-dress…above the knee!
The fever of the miniskirt affected the It Girl Jackie Kennedy, too, who wore a short dress for her wedding with Onassis!

The influence and popularity of the miniskirt hasn’t changed since its creation. During the 90s, stylists like Dolce&Gabbana or Prada created entire collections based on this item, underlining its importance.

However, critics and controversies were not lacking, as befits every revolution worthy of this name. To the critics, the miniskirt was a symbol of the objectification of women and not a milestone on the path of emancipation. Coco Chanel described the miniskirt as “simply orrible“. In Paris the government wrote a law against the mini!

The miniskirt has become a cult item, one of the symbols of fashion and, for this reason, an icon of style. There are countless models and interpretations of it.

A must have every woman should keep in her closet!

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