Dear Girls, 

Go dig into your grandma’s closets and look for all the foulards at your favourite vintage market, fashion calls!

Our vintage item for this week is the bandana!

A piece of accessory with a long story. 
Originated in the old West, this square piece of cloth with a naif flowery print mostly served two purposes: 

  • cowboys used it to protect their face from the dust raised by the horses;
  • natives used it to mark a social status and their belonging tribe.


 In the 60s the bandana was very popular among the emancipating women.
In the 70s, 80s and 90s it got even more popular when personalities like Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider and Kurt Cobain wore it on their forehead.

If you thought that the bandanas from the 90s had stopped waving… You are not up-to-date with the latest trends,

 because 2020 Summer-Spring collections take full inspiration from these models

Bandanas appeared on models’ heads both in white and in Paisley prints.

Smart e must have, it’s a nice touch of style to our outfits, an item with which to have fun.

How do you wear a bandana?
In its classic square version it’s an evergreen and extremely versatile: tied around the wrist, around the neck or on the head, like modern cowgirls!

But the trend doesn’t stop there: bandana prints are now in stylish beachwear, trendy straps, swimming costumes and sandals.
Il guardaroba del momento è proprio quello che ha come fil rouge la bandana rossa (quella classica) ma anche le sue varianti cromatiche che spaziano dal nero al giallo, dal rosa al grigio perla. The trend has the red bandana (the classic one) as the most popular but its variant range from black to yellow and from pink to pearly grey.

So, go look for your favourite BANDANA and have fun!

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