Hello girls! Welcome to our Vintage column!
Let’s not waste time and let’s teleport ourselves back to the 50s, with the ever fashionable HOUNDSTOOTH!

Unparalleled symbol of elegance, the houndstooth pattern has come back again, establishing itself as one of the most beloved patterns ever.

Born in Scotland in the 19th century as a simple woolen fabric, worn by shepherds. It is obtained by weaving together 4 threads of different colors, usually black and white, to create a chess-board pattern (not to be confused with the Vichy print!) 

Christian Dior was the first to identify this pattern as a symbol of class and elegance, between the 40s and the 50s. He went as far as to “dress” his most popular fragrance with it, Miss Dior. From that moment on, this optical pattern has been adapted by all the stylists and has become a trend.

Coco Chanel was another fan of this design, she reinterpreted and designed the tailleur for women in this pattern (besides coats and jackets).

Over the years, the pattern has been proposed in several different materials and colors: from the classic black&white, to grey, red, green and brown combinations.

Stars like Lady Gaga love this pattern. She once flaunted a whole total look signed Ferragamo so cool! 

This fall, the trend of the male suit has conquered the collections, proposing classic items with innovative, modern touches, perfect for both formal and casual looks. Over size coats, long and enveloping, and large, loose blazers are proposed in houndstooth patterns.
 There’s a vast selection of variations, from the original narrow style to the macro prints, on all kinds of fabrics.

How do you wear houndstooth like a real fashion addict? Try mixing it with different geometrical patterns, playing with colors and contrasting textures!

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