Curious about what decade we’ll go back to this week?
Brace yourselves, we’re back in the 80s and 90s with the iconic Fanny pack!

This item’s story dates back to the very beginning of the history of costumes. It was used already by pre-historic men to go hunting (a simple belt with pockets sewn on it) and then it was used by soldiers as a strategic kind of purse.

 During the 60s it was used by sportsmen and in the 80s by rappers as a belt for their over size t-shirts.

It’s not universally loved but it is mostly a functional accessory, and quite a gender-fluid one. For many of us, the fanny pack represents a part of pour childhood. So here we are again, a fashion trend for both urban and classic outfits.

Kim Jones, a designer for Louis Vuitton, gets the credit for this revival. In January 2017 he proposed a new branded version, in cooperation with Supreme.
 From then on, this item has been spotted again in collections for women and in Gosha Rubchinskiy’s fashion show, a very influent designer.

 Contemporary fanny packs can be worn around the waist as well as slung across your shoulders. The latter way is preferred by fashion bloggers and celebrities, to combine comfort, a street style attitude and to easily show the brand.



 If you’re not a fan of sportive styles, there are many other versions: they go by the name of belt bags or bum bags, but they are fanny packs anyway. They just have a different shape. Gucci reinterprets it with a small bag that can be worn around a the waist and Fendi turns the evergreen item in a real “belt with pockets”. 

. The new millenium fanny pack seems to be conquering all fashion styles: from transgressive to minimal. The most important thing is to wear it with irony!
If you want to wear it around your waist, place it a little above your hips, it will be perfect with every look. As a shoulder bag it will be perfect for sportive outfits. 


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 Anyway, it is not by chance that fanny packs are back in fashion. The fact that it leaves your hands free is one of the reasons behind this item’s success.
Being able to hold your coffee and your phone, walking lightly in the streets while all your belongings are in the pack is a great commodity!



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