RUBRICA VINTAGE: MUM CAN I BORROW THIS? Why dressing vintage? By @SilviaAlbanese


Hi Girlsss!

Let me introduce our new “Vintage Column” to give you new fashion tips while revisiting old trends.

Silvia Albanese will be the writer of this new column, called “Mum, can I borrow this?” and it will be updated weekly. Are you curious?

The question is: why dressing vintage?

  1. Vintage is Eco-Friendly
  2. Vintage means Pre Loved
  3. Vintage means High Quality
  4. You can be Unique and Classy

Is this enough?

Good, let’s start with the first MUST you can easily find in your mother’s closet…






The message is loud and clear: whether it’s sandals, mules, boots or pumps, it doesn’t matter, grab a ruler girls, because this is the year of the square toe! This was trendy in the 90s and the icons of that time, like Jennifer Aniston and Regina King loved them. We’ve had a chance to eye square-toe boots during the winter and they make every look chic and exclusive.

And for summer? You’ll love the super colorful mules and sandals with strap and “gladiator” style!

Square-toe footwear is not just cool but very comfortable, too. The regular sole goes easy on feet and back. So, ready to reinvent this trend?


A warm hug,

Silvia Albanese


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