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Welcome back to our vintage appointment! Be ready because the topics are getting legendary.
I’m talking about iconic bags by great Maisons, like the Jackie O by Gucci!


Congrats to all the lucky ones who inherited one from their mums, aunts or grandmothers! You are holding a priceless piece of history in your hands.
For all the others… Vintage is here to save you! These iconic models are surely available in your favourite Vintage store at reasonable price.

Among the most desired It-Bags that made history, the Jackie O by Gucci holds a place of relevance.
 How can you not be charmed by a bag with such a unique style and charm? This piece of accessory (despite its 66 years of life) still wins the hearts of women of all ages with its refined design and distinctive details.

The Jackie O is named after Jacqueline Kennedy, one of the most famous firsts ladies, a symbol of class and elegance. She was the wife of the president of the United States and then she married the Greek shipowner Aristotele Onassis. But this bag was born way before Jackie chose it.

This bag was first born in the 50s with the name “Constance”. Special feature: a sack shape, made of sot leather and a shoulder strap. Its peculiar shape is als called “hobo bag” because it reminds of the bags homeless people use to carry their belongings around. Another distinctive feature is the buckle.
In 1961 Gucci gives a new name to this bag, after the press attention for the wedding of Jacqueline Kennedy and Aristotele Onassis. After the death of the president, the former First Lady started dating Onassis and she chose this bag for her trips on his yacht.

The elegance and the class of Jacqueline had a great influence on the fashion of those years and it still lingers today.

The bag saw several reinterpretations over the years: in 2019’s Cruise Collection Gucci’s artistic director Alessandro Michele designed a variant with the logo of Château Marmont as an omage to the Los Angeles hotel that lived through the counter-culture in the 60s, the rock decadence in the 70s and the glamorous 80s.

For this Autumn 2020, the designer launched the Jackie 1961 gender fluid. It’s a variant for both men and women, in various colors, sizes and designs, from the original hand-bag to the shoulder strap version.

Today Gucci’s Jackie is still a favourite by women at all age for its history and class.
Influencers, celebrities, fashion icons and fashion lovers… We’ve all been charmed by the fashion of this bag, which is iconic and contemporary at the same time!


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