Hi girls!
Welcome back to our first fashion appointment for this year!
So, I guess we can’t start a new year without mentioning and discussing the colors that Patone chose as colors of the year 2021!

As usual, the main authority in terms of indistrial colors has chosen the symbolic color for this new year, in order to identify the new chromatic influences through a careful analysis of the trends.
This year the colors are two: PANTONE YELLOW 13-0647 “Illuminating” and PANTONE GREY 17-5104 “Ultimate Gray” (FUN FACT: this is the very first time ever a shade of grey is chosen as color of the year).

 This decision is rather unusual, as it is the choice of two colors so different from each other that they merge and accompany each other, to express strength and hope. The practical, solid grey goes side by side with the optimistic warmth of a vibrant yellow, which conveys positivity and strength.
 Leatrice Eiseman (Execturive Director of Pantone Color Institute) commented the choice of the two colors as follow: “Concrete and firm but warm and optimistic at the same time, this combination of colors conveys a sense of resilience and hope. We need to feel encouraged and uplifted, it’s essential for the human mind”.
 So, an injection of hope and optimism as a reaction to the dark historical time we are living!

How do we match these colors?
We are lucky, the colors of 2021 are a good match together! They make a chromatic combo that is worth wearing!
Both color are independent and either of them can prevail, always finding a balance between light and shadow.

If we prefer wearing only one of them, Ultimate Grey combines with everything, as it can be considered as a neutral color. Illuminating yellow is great to match with cold or pastel colors. It may look like a summer color but it can help you add some light and extra energy to your winter outfits!

What do you think of these two colors? Would you choose them for your looks?

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