Bonjour, les filles!
Welcome to the first appointment of Lingerie Diaries, the column for tips and hindsights about lingerie.

When I say lingerie the first thing that comes to mind is the kind of underwear by La Perla to use for special occasion once in a blue moon… You will change your mind.
Lingerie Diaries will be a real diary, a place for vis à vis chats to explore together this private and super elegant world and find out how to wear lingerie even without a special occasion waiting, but only because we want to feel beautiful.
Êtes-vous prêt? Let’s start!

Without starting too far off in time, getting lost in ancient history, let’s just say that lingerie becomes a part of female clothing around the 16th century, when corsets enter the scene, shaping the female body and flattening hips and stomach.
During the 19th century, the corset is a must: the rigid, caging models with whale bones are made to clench the waist to impossible sizes. The hourglass shape becomes a synonym of femininity and this item will be under the spotlight until the Roaring Twenties.

During the Roaring Twenties the style changes dramatically and so does the lingerie: Coco Chanel brings about a revolution in the fashion of the time and the style ‘à la garçonne’ becomes popular among the younger women. No more hourglass corsets, but collants with suspenders and bustiers aim at flattening the shapes, for an androginous, more childish look, like Daisy in The Great Gatsby!

During the 40s and the 50s lingerie becomes incredibly popular: the first push up bra and the first underwire bra are invented. Thanks to Iicons like Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page sexy lingerie becomes fashionable.

As it happened with many other aspects, the 60s mark a breaking with tradition even for lingerie: the feminist movement burns bras in the streets and the underwear becomes more basic, to free the female body from the constraints it had to endure up to that point.
Only ten years later, in 70s, lingerie goes back to its original elegance, with teasing models in silk and lace. Victoria’s Secret sees the light: it’s the first lingerie brand that twenty years later will walk the catwalk on models like Naomi, Tyra and Stephanie.

The 90s use new materials and the lingerie becomes comfortable and light thanks to nylon, lycra, polyeser and elastan. These are the years of Madonna and her cone-shaped bra and Kate Moss in Calvin Klein underwear.

The trend during the first years of 2000 is that of inclusiveness: nude lingerie is created for all skin tones, together with plus size lines of lingerie.

This short excursion in the story of lingerie is definitely not complete, but it will be useful when, in the next articles, we will talk about corsets, bralettes and the great brands that made the history of female underwear.

So, what do you think? Did you like this first article about the world of lingerie? À très bientôt, to the next article!

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