Bonsoir, les filles and welcome back to our column Lingerie Diares!
Today I want to talk about one of the items no girl can go without… the bra!

Like Our Lady of Lingerie Cora Harrington tells in her lingerie bible, “a wonderful bra, one that perfectly adapts to our shapes, can help any girl to feel self-confident, unstoppable and fearless”.
Then why many of us spend 90% of their time hating their bra and looking forward to getting home and taking it off?
Easy: finding the perfect bra is just like find the love of our life. Just swiping on Tinder is not enough.
We need to stop for a moment and ask ourselves: what do I look for in a soul-mate? Support? Trust? I want them to fun or sober? I want them to do sports with me or for them to be the perfect companion when I wear an evening dress? If you think about it, the metaphor stands!

This is why there are so many models on the market, just like there are so many different bodies and needs… That is not to talk about the occasions in which to wear them. But don’t fear, here’s the ultimate guide to models of bra you must have in your wardrobe. De rien!

(*) important disclaimer before getting down to business: bras have an important function that goes beyond aesthetics. When I advise against a model for girls with generous/small breasts it’s for health reasons. That said, you are completely free to wear whatever you like and makes you feel beautiful!

The balconette is a bra that is characterised by a rather rigid structure with half cups and distant straps that make it suited for V necklines or off the shoulder necklines that are large and/or deep. In several models the straps can be removed, thus becoming a strapless bra.

A bralette is a bra that doens’t have a rigid structure and doesn’t have underwires or shaped cups. It can have hooks on the front or on the back or none. Comfy and soft, a bralette is the right choice for relax moments and when opting for a loungewear, but they don’t give any support and I wouldn’t recommend them to girsl with generous breasts*.

 Lingerie of the classiest kind, bustiers are a modern version of corsets (Bridgerton, anyone?). The bustier supports and lifts the breasts, flattens the stomach and shapes the waist, thanks to a structure of metal or plastic bones, rather rigid. It’s very popular among brides, who often wear it under the white dress. A positive aspect of the bustier is that it distributes the weight and it’s a good choice for girls who need a lot of support*. That said, it’s not the most comfortable item in the world.

 French is the language of lingerie. Demi means “half” and it’s the name of those bra that have “half a cup”, covering less than a normal bra but more than a balconette. Very popular, these bras offer a perfect balance between support and coverage and they adapt to the majority of shallow necklines. Perfect for the office with a blouse opened down to the second/third button.

 After the demi, let’s move to the full coverage. This style offers a great support without sacrificing comfort and they avoid the ugly ‘gap’ effect that sometimes shows under tight tops. They are not very suitable for deep necklines because they may show, and we don’t want that, do we?

Personally, I love this model: the longline has a large structure under the cups– it’s basically a short bustier (or a long bra, it depends on the points of view). Besides providing a good support, this bra helps to shape the upper part of the waist, so dresses just slide on it. To me, it’s a must-have.


Another must-have is the plunge-bra, which has a deep U-cut between the cups, which are often separated and are thicker than usual, to make even the smallest breasts appear rounder. They are perfect for plunging V necklines.

Probably the most famous model, push-ups are often Demis or Plunges with reinforced, padded cups that enhance the volume of the cleavage and push it upwards. Many models have “pockets” to remove the pads, turning the push-up into an ordinary bra. These are often associated with girls with smaller cleaveage, while it is actually suited for everyone and it’s especially advised if you look for a rounder volume, whatever the size.

 Designed for doing sports, this bra is essential for girls who do sports because they defend the breasts (and the back!) from the strains. They are available in various designs for many sports, from yoga to running, and in several levels of support. What matters is to choose the right size, not too large nor too tight (or you’ll never take it off!).

Like the name suggests, this model provides support even without straps and it’s perfect with dresses that leave the shoulders and the back bare. Many have a silicone band to better adhere to the skin and prevent it from slipping- I suggest you to buy a good quality model, we don’t want it to slide down when least expected!

Forget diamonds: a girl’s best friend is her t-shirt bra, also known as contour bra for its ability to “disappear” and harmonize the shapes even under the tightest tops, without ugly ‘gaps’. For this reason these bras often have slightly padded cups and no embroideries or details that may be visible from under the t-shirt.

We’ve listed the most popular models, I’m sure you own at least three or four, like it should be.

The bra is really fundamental in a girl’s life and my suggestion is (when possible and according to your means) to invest in items of good quality, that are comfortable and provide the right support. After all, a good bra is like a love relationship. Better to go for those that last and support you than in a more adventurous one that leaves you needing.

This is all for today, see you next week!

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