Bonjour mes amies, welcome back to our weekly appointment with Lingerie Diaries, your information source about lingerie.

 Over the past weeks we’ve talked in deep about bras, night lingerie, sportive underwear… it’s time to go back to basics and tackle a hot topic: knickers! Why hot? Because, way more than a bra, knickers must be especially comfy… or the day will be hell. But fear not, here my A to Z guide! Commençons!

A bikini model’s main characteristic (not to be confused with the two-piece swimming costume) is the low waist, several cm below the belly button. It can give a good coverage of the B side or be more high-cut.

 Similar to a pair of male truks, coulottes are tight around the thighs and cover completely the front and the rear part. They can be sporty, in cotton and with a waist-band, like the Calvin Klein model, or very romantic in lace. In any case, they are comfortable and practical even worn underneath a short dress.

 Hipsters are a hybrid model, in between bikini and coulotte. They usually have a low waist (but higher than a bikini) that circles the hip bones. The front reminds of a coulotte while the back is less covering. Hipsters are perfect if you want a comfortable model that covers less than a coulotte.

 This is another hybrid model, a mix between a bikini and a g-string. A tanga is high cut and covers more on the back. It covers both the front and the rear thanks to two triangles of fabric.

 A g-string is designed to leave the B-side completely bare, or almost. On the front it covers just as much as a bikini, while the back is usually only a string of fabric. Only for specific occasions.

 A cheeky covers a bit less than a bikini but more than a tanga

 Knickers are way more complex than bras, because often brands design hybrid models that are hard to define as tangas or thongs. What’s important is to wear what makes you feel at ease and choose good quality models. If you are wearing tight or light coloured dresses, there is only one rule: seamless and nude underwear!

 I hope today’s article was helpful to understand a bit more about this kind of underwear. I’ll see you next week with a new article!

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