Bonjour les filles and here we are with a new article of our blog about lingerie!

 Over the past weeks we talked about teddys, corsets, nude lingerie… but when it comes to the drawer where we keep it?

Let’s be honest, the peculiar shapes of some items- just think about bras- makes it hard to find the best place to keep the lingerie drawer tidy. 
 There are some tricks, however, to keep our treasures in good place, always ready and not wrinkled. Ready? Commençons!

A great way to start is using dividers or boxes of different shapes. Style bonus points if you use boxes of bags and accessories of your favourite brands. 

What now? Hot to organize the drawer? For occasion or kind of item? Let’s see al the options to choose the best one for you!

A very practical way to organize the lingerie is by occasion. It works if you have several kinds of lingerie and you don’t want to mix styles.
So, you will have a box with panties and bras for every day use, one with special lace and silk lingerie and maybe one for sport lingerie.

This is a good method to keep the two-pieces at hand, but it could be a bit confusing is panties and bras get mixed up… and here come the second method!

If arranging your drawer by occasion is not for you and you don’t like mixing panties and bras (but always ton sur ton, because nobody should go out with a completely mismatched panties and top), a good way to keep the drawer nice and tidy is to use a box for each kind of items of clothing. A box per bras, one for knickers, one for teddys… an extra tip? Sort them by color, too.
In the box for bras, for example, keep together the black bras, then the blue ones, the white ones and so on… it will be easier to “fish” out pieces that look good together. 

So, what’s your ideal method? While you think about it, here’s another couple of tips: fold the drawer with some scented paper – all it takes is a simple wrapping paper with a few drops of your favourite fragrance, if you don’t want to buy one. You can also use some scented bags, like lavender ones. 

At the start of every season, empty out the drawer, throw away everything that is worn out and what you don’t like and leave your precious gems to the air for some time. And try everything on, to see if everything is still up to your needs. Nothing is worse than a bra that doesn’t fit anymore!

I hope you liked these easy tips about how to arrange your drawer! I’ll see you next week with a new article of Lingerie Diaries!

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