Bonjour les filles, welcome back to Lingerie Diaries.

 Today I want to explore a particular topic: nude lingerie.

Wearing colorful lingerie is nice but we often- especially with peculiar clothes and specific occasions- need a lingerie that not only doesn’t show, but it actually disappears even under the most skin-tight dresses. 

Of course, Bridget Jones nude panties are still horrifying in 2021, but we don’t necessarily need to choose a “granny” model to be on the safe side even with a siren silk dress!

Just one piece of advice before we start. The color must be the closest possible to your skin tone. There’s now a wide selection of nude underwear, from every shade, so it won’t be hard to find the right one for you!
Let’s start!

To be really invisible, panties must be seamless to avoid volumes that may show from under your clothes.
There’s no in-between: either choose a g-string (if there’s no fabric, there’s no fabric to show) or a cheeky model.

A perfect nude bra should be strapless and have slightly padded cups, with or without underwire (best without) and with no visible seams. 
Straps are a difficult subject. It really depends on how much support you need. There are bras with transparent straps or with crossed straps that are made to be worn with an exposed back.
There are also specific rings you can hook to the back of your bra to turn the straps of any bra into a cross (you can find them in any lingerie shop). Cheap and perfect for emergencies, but frankly quite uncomfortable!

The girdle is another difficult topic. On one hand, it conceals every imperfection (allow me this term, we all know we are more than perfect already), on the other hand it squeezes you like an air tight box and it can be hard to get through the evening
My advice? If the dress does not require it, go for a teddy and avoid this torture!
Anyway, for precision’s sake, girdles are available in many sizes and models: from the high-waist panties to the ones that include a bra to those who look like cyclist shorts. 
Do not give in to the temptation to buy a smaller size to “squeeze more”: first, it’s not healthy and it also will leave an unflattering mark where the girdle ends. 

 The “good cop” version of the girdle, a teddy highlights the shapes without squeezing. I suggest a seamless model with removable straps and without lace. The more versatile it is, the better it is to spend some money on a good quality model.
Advice: don’t buy a teddy without trying it on first, unless you are super expert. That is to say: I always regretted buying teddys without having tried them on. 
The teddy starts at the crotch and goes up to the shoulders; and as we’re not printed in series, it’s hard for the brands to create a uniform shape for all bodies. 
There’s nothing worse than a too short teddy that tugs at the crotch or with the buttons always about to burst: do yourself a favour and try it. You don’t even need to remove your panties. 
Also pay attention to models with many buttons or hooks to fit several sizes: those are often extremely uncomfortable!

How I love slip dresses! They are so vintage! A good slip dress is your best friend: it lets your dress slip along your body, it prevents it from sliding up and it makes us feel a bit like Grace Kelly.
Choose a silk one for a perfect transpiration and the best effect with your dress; if you don’t have a hyper-sensitive skin or you don’t sweat too much, even satin is a great choice.
As slip dresses are not worn under tight dresses, you can choose one with lace decorations, but prefer a model that stretches down to your thigh, so you can use it with dresses of all lengths.
And if it’s long enough and you feel daring… wear it as a dress, with a pair of sneakers or combat boots! We already talked about that, the slip dress can indeed be worn as a dress! It’s très chic!

Maybe today’s article was less about fashion than usual, but nude lingerie is essential for everyday life and it’s best not to be caught off guard!
See you next week with a great article… but no spoilers for now!

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