Here we are at a new appointment with our lingerie column! Today I want to talk to you about a truly unique garment, which if you don’t have yet, you absolutely must get!

Its sophisticated style, which comes to us directly from the world of lingerie, immediately gives a chic allure to any occasion and this winter we will see it declined in elegant and sophisticated versions. What are we talking about? The kimono robe!

But how to match it for a daytime look? Let’s see together 4 outfits to wear the kimono robe out of the house too!

The kimono robe with jeans and t-shirt (or turtleneck)
Choose a short kimono, say mid-thigh length, and pair it with boyfriend jeans and a simple white tee (or a solid color turtleneck with super thin yarn). Leave it open, with a soft belt at the waist. A très chic look with made in Japan style.

The long kimono with legging and sport bra
Perfect for a relaxing stroll downtown or setting the tone by heading to the gym, the leggings and port bra combo paired with the long kimono worn open and unbelted instantly gives your look an edge – and makes you look super stylish with minimal effort.

Total look, used as a dress
Choose a flesh-colored bodysuit and a super bold patterned long kimono, a minimal heel and you’re ready for a top night out. A sleek kimono is easily transformed into a stylish dress for the evening, but secure the belt with a nice knot or a small invisible safety pin.

As a jacket, très chic
For a sophisticated outfit, choose a super short kimono and wear it over a black tuxedo or elegantly cut trouser, closing it at the waist with a bow or a high-waisted belt. Underneath, you can put on a bodysuit or your favorite bralette, and you’re ready to go out!

What about it, did you feel like experimenting with different looks from the usual, wearing the kimono robe even outside the home? Just a few accessories and some basic items are enough to recreate these outfits, in a few steps.

We’ll see you soon with a new installment of Lingerie Diaries!

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