Bonjour le filles, here we are again with our column about lingerie. Today’s article is for those of you who follow this column and are fascinated by lingerie but still don’t own a real “lingerie drawer”.

 In this article we’ll see the easiest and most comfortable items to start with lingerie. Let’s start!

 Super comfy and available in endless variations, there’s a model for everyone. A teddy with lace, mesh or silk is perfect to start wearing lingerie without going out of our comfort zone.
 It can be rigid, with cups or very soft, depending on how much support you need for your breasts. If you feel daring, try one with a boned bust, an hybrid between a teddy and a corset!

 A balconette is as simple as it is striking. It’s perfect for both everyday life and a romantic date, if you wear it with coordinated knickers.
 The choice of material is essential: invest in good quality fabrics, silk or lace, and a color that highlights your features (yes, armocromia stands for lingerie, too)… and you’ll be très chic in the blink of an eye!

 The babydoll is quite peculiar, to wear indoors when the sun goes down, to be elegant even in bed. It’s perfect to dare a bit and challenge your self to go out of your comfort zone but keeping a safety net. Pick one in your favourite color, with ribbons if you feel romatic or mesh or lace parts if you feel especially daring.

Chic at home? Easy, with a kimono dressing gown, in silk or satin, knee-high. Perfect to wear over your pajamas when you wake up or over a t-shirt and leggings for a comfortable smart-working day without giving up style.

The corset is for advanced lingerie lovers, but there is a compromise: choose one with shoulder straps and cups to use as a top during the summer, perfect with a pair of wide leg trousers or a pair of shorts. Bonus style points if you go for a “real” corset with strings on the back…. super elegant!

Mes filles, this week’s appointment of Lingerie Diaries is over. I hope this tips will help you feeling more confident and dare a bit… always having fun and experimenting the way you like!
À la prochaine fois!

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