Bonjour les filles, here we are with a new article of our column about lingerie, Lingerie Diaries!

Last week we discussed nude lingerie but this week I want to talk about a lingerie that is very visible…

Before telling you what it is, let’s jump back in time, when this was a mandatory item of clothing for all women of all classes; an breath-taking item of clothing… quite literally! Can you guess? Mais oui, corsets!

The corset became popular in Europe in the 16th century, reaching the peak of its popularity during the Victorian age, when it served the double goal of supporting the breasts and cinching the waist, to shape it like an hourglass. 
 The bones could be made of steel and it was made of two panels, sometimes with front hooks to make it easier to wear. 

But back to the 21st century: are corsets still fashionable? The answer is: of course they are, but they are mostly worn over clothes, not underneath them. Sounds strage? Let’s see!
Let’s start by distinguishing two models of corsets that are still used today: the corset and the guêpière (or waspie).

The corset
The corset is the first item that comes into mind when we think about books set in 19th century England, with pale, blond girls clenching their waists so tight they faint in front of the Duke of their dreams. But that’s not how it is now: a corset can be worn as a top during the summer, or under an elegant blaser with wide leg pants for a special night. All it takes is a bit of creativity to obtain a vintage, très chich look.
 It can be with or without straps, the bones can be in plastic or metal, it can be softer or more rigidi, in lace, silk or mesh, cotton and so on!
Choose a colorful one to wear as a top, or a black or beige one to wear over a white shirt. So chic!

The guêpière
This item of clothing with its outlandish name is actually a smaller corsets, used to shape the bust and get the so called wasp waist.
Does it seem hard to use it in everyday life? Not really, if you wear it over a shirt or a t-shirt, to add an edgy touch to your look. 

How to choose your corset or guêpière
There are countless models of corsets but what’s important to keep in mind as we choose one is: unfortunately (or fortunately, it depends) we don’t have a personal maid to help us dress every morning… a corset with strings on the back makes it harder to wear, despite its visual effect.
 There are models with small hooks (like the ones bras have), zips or buttons that are maybe less cool, but much easier to wear, especially if you’re not experienced!

Che ne dite, vi ho fatto venire voglia di esplorare il mondo dei corsetti e provare a indossare questo capo di lingerie anche nella vita di tutti i giorni? So, did I make you want to explore the world of corsets and try wearing one? Don’t be afraid to experiment and dare a bit. I’ll see you next week with a new article of Lingerie Diaries.

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