Summer is here: tips and hairstyle are coming! Let’s try!

Hi Girls !

Summer is here and it brings improvised updos and messy hairstyles together with heat and a desire for comfort. The internet is full of tutorial (a video explanation of how to do a certain activity) and YouTube is their realm.

Not all hairstyles are easy to replicate and sometimes they require 2 people but don’t be discouraged! We are here to suggest some summer hairstyles that combine elegance and comfort, for a trendy and original result. Forget hard, perfect hairstyle, summer is for messy hair, headbands and updos.

We collect some essential hairstyles. Take a look!


1. Double messy braid

This sweet hairstyle tastes of summer, reminds of light and it’s messy. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be cool. It’s a chic trick to keep your hair away from your face.

2. The fake knot

If you like your hair loose, or you are looking for a professional look for the office, here are a couple of ideas. The left one is the easiest, the right one has a braid. Easy and graceful. If your hair is smooth you can add some wavy locks.


3. A foulard

 Add a pop touch to your outfit with a colorful foulard. Perfect to relax at the swimming pool or for a cocktail with friends or a casual evening. Any cloth long enough to be tied will do. So have fun!

4. Buns

One of easiest but always trendy is the classic bun. A bun usually is the solution for every issue from “I need to wash my hair but I don’t have time, what do I do?” to “I just can’t today…”. A bun is the solution. Casual and effortless.

5. Fishtail braid

 Make your mermaid dreams come true with this fishtail braid. Braids are the best idea for days when you need a simple but neat style.


And now…Try them and let us know!

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