Hi girls, so let’s discuss the “must have” colours for this coming spring/summer months of 2020.

Let’s start from an evergreen: the pastel colours palette.

In general, pastel colours are a must. The soft, dusty palette of pastel colours rules, ranging from shocking shades like lemon and lime green to all shades of pink, from soft to shocking.

This season will be a full immersion in colours!

If you are curious to know what colours will be the season’s protagonists, note down these shades!



Number one colour for this spring 2020? Pink, no doubts. Magnetic and shocking, it will be the perfect friend to fight away the wintery feelings. This shade has universally chosen as a must have in at least one detail: a bag or a long dress or a blazer.

HOW TO MATCH IT? A total look or match it with neutral colours like black, white and powder.



This ocean palette is very actual and it is dedicated to the ocean pollution issue. It’s been elected Colour of the Year 2020 by Pantone and we’ll find it in all possible shade. Choose a similar colour and the message will be strong: water is a precious gift, let’s respect it and let’s keep it clean!

HOW TO MATCH IT? Vincenti anche gli accostamenti con nero e verde. The best match for this season is with white, but you can also play with different shades of blue. Good to pair it with black and green.



Green will bring oxigen to our closets and nature in her pastel declinations is to consider as it’s going to be an official colour for spring. It’s the season in which nature is reborn and green is a perfect representation.

Moss, grass and mint green will make our hearts leap. Emerald, bottle and olive green won’t be missing either, from darker shade to the brightest ones.

Get ready, green will definitely conquer your wardrobe and even the most formal looks.

HOW TO MATCH IT? Yes to white, black and gold, and for the boldest of you, mix it with orange or pink to sparkle energy.



Intense but delicate and the same time, yellow is among the most sophisticated shades for this coming season. Less ordinary than lemon and more eclectic than ocher, it can be combined in endless ways.

HOW TO MATCH IT? Pair it with black for perfection, but cool with denim and earthy shades, too.




The yummiest colour of 2020? Chocolate! Whether you love milk or dark chocolate, it will be impossible to resist the temptation of wearing this colour.

HOW TO MATCH IT? With optical white to enhance it, otherwise pair it with black or nude shades.


Big yes to all those vitamin colours that are a real energy cocktail!

Cromotherapy says that summer shades express energy and warmth and have the power to energize our minds, just like drinking a fresh orange juice! What’s important is to wisely ponder colours: vitamin colours should be mixed with neutral or darker colours, never overlayed. Classic blue and cream? Yes, please! Green and lilac? Bring it on!

As these are very strong colours, if you don’t feel like matching them, go for one item or an accessory: a pencil skirt, a tote bag or a pair of orange boots will be great to match with black



Twice a year, Pantone Color Institute writes the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report. For 20 years now, the American Institute has analised the catwalks to decree the trendiest 12 colours for the year, influencing design and make-up. Besides the main colours, Pantone always suggests 4 classic nuances and in September the Institute elects the Must Have colour for the coming year: Classic Blue is the colour of the year 2020, a passe-par-tout colour.


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