10 EVERGREEN items everyone must have in their closet

Hi girls!

We’ve thought it may be useful to give some advice on the items that no wardrobe should miss. Luckily for us, there are “evergreen” pieces that can be combined in endless ways, are never out of fashion and with them we can face any situation.

… So here’s the 10 items you must have in your closet:

1. A white shirt

A white shirt is good all year round. You can create endless good looks around it. You can wear it during the summer over your swimming suit and in winter with a pencil skirt for a meeting. With a pair of jeans it’s perfect for a casual meeting with friends and with a long skirt it turns into an evening dress. You must have one. According to the result you want to obtain, you can either choose an extra large model or a tighter one. Pay attention to the material: cotton is the best choice.

PS. Plain or with applications, that’s your choice but remember that a simple model will be always trendy.


2. Jeans

It’s hard to find a more versatile item than jeans. Invented by the tailor Jacob Davis in 1871 and then patented by Levi Strauss two years later, denim trousers have become a must. Every season has a model but the classic pair of blue jeans is just what will never be out of trend. Flared, skinny or rolled up, jeans are guaranteed to be a good choice. To match them according to the situation is of course up to you. With a blouse ad a blazer for a smarter look, a t-shirt and sneakers for a more casual result. With the right high-heel shoes they’ll be great for a glam evening out, too!


3. Blazer

Here’s a piece to buy without hesitation. Pick one with a male cut, or a classic one and there you go! For a classy but not too formal touch to your outfit there’s just one choice: a blazer. You can wear it with a knee-long skirt or black trousers, with jeans for a more casual result or just lay it on you shoulder over a light dress. It goes well with both pumps and sneakers.


4. Leotard

As summer or winter draw near the change of wardrobe cannot be put off any longer. In these moments when you never know what to wear, we have a precious ally: the leotard. Whether it’s sunny or cold outside, be it day or evening, this evergreen is there for us, perfect for any kind of look. Wear it with a skirt or a jeans or a pair of shorts, you’ll love it.


5. Black trousers

Skinny, elegant or casual. Black trousers are a symbol of elegance and femininity. You can wear them all year round and always add a classy touch to every look. Follow the trends and buy as many as you like, maybe “chino” or “palazzo”, but a plain, classic one is a must. With a pair of loafers of laced shoes you’ll be elegant at once, with a pair of jeweled sandals they’ll be perfect for a party. You just must have a pair.


6. Leather jacket

Black, leather, large or tight, with fringes or a vintage model found in a street market, this is an essential piece for our wardrobe: the leather jacket. It crosses all trends and it’s a passe-partout. You can wear it over a jogger or a suit to shake up a sober look. You can wear it in every season because it’s perfect with t-shirts and shirts. It’s good for the office as well as for a night out with friends.


7. T-Shirt

Here the choice is vast: you can opt for a classic white, dare with a strong, bold colour or choose a pattern or a print. We choose all of them! Do you know why? Because you’ll have a winning combination in any case! Here above are some examples where the t-shirt is matched with a simple pair of jeans, a skirt or a suit to add a sporty touch to your elegant oufit.


8. Mini/Maxi black dress

Coco Chanel used to say: with a petite robe noire a woman is always perfect. And it’s just so: you can solve whatever style issue with it and feel perfect even in challenging situations. Moreover: it only takes an accessory that stands out to give it strength: brooches, headbands, a clutch, shoes or jewels. Every time it will look like it’s  the first time you wear it.


9. Sweatshirt

Unless you live at the tropics, you surely own at least one sweatshirt. It’s perfect for the beginning of the colder season. It can be oversize, with flowers, stripes or an old one you found in you father’s closet. It’s irresistible. The best would be to have a classic one, a solid colour or with a small print, so it can go with everything. You’ll use it a lot. If you are still convinced that sweatshirts are just for sport, just take a look at the pictures: they are perfect for cool street styles. With a belt or tucked in a pair of baggy trousers it suddenly becomes a chic choice.

10. Coat

Here’s another must have that matches everything and keeps you warm. A good, classic model with a good cut will last you for ages, so it’s ok to spend some money on it. Wear it with sneakers or high heels, with light dresses or jeans, tied up or just laid on your shoulders… you’ll want to wear it every day, except for summer 😉

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