Hi girls! Welcome back to our Fashion Tips!
The summer season is now officially over, but fashion never stops!

Say goodbye to matching crochet sets and poplin dresses and get ready for trench coats, oversized jumpers and long dresses… the Fall-Winter season is waiting for us!

From what we have seen from the shows held during the fashion weeks, the theme for this season is clear: DARE! What better way to do it than with colours? The predominant palette is based on three shades:green, fucsia and camel beige, defining the new colour scheme for the season!

The designers have also brought fashion colours to the catwalk that we hardly ever find at this time of year. They are dramatically bold, full of energy and optimism: a clear invitation to dare and experiment.

In particular, the colour palette for AW 2021-22 has an all-green heart: bright, fresh notes of freshly-watered meadows and intense, unspoilt woods.
Green becomes sacred in the symbolism of sustainability, as a clear warning of the road to be taken. The designers, however, do not choose the most delicate and pastel shades, but rely on the power of a bold, irreverent green that wants to communicate at a glance.



We have just said that for this season excess is allowed, so we find green worn in daring total looks: it embodies the new minimalism, it enters the essential palette of those who aim at the elegance of geometries and tailored volumes. It takes the form of a coat, a pair of loose trousers or a tailored jacket.

WITH BLACK: Did you know that bright green brightens up the most comfortable black? Use the colour on a single garment or as an accessory for your total black looks. There is also the colour-block variant, where the two colours embrace each other.


WITH LILAC: one of the most daring combinations is with lilac. It softens the “meadow” or “emerald” green, always enhancing the intensity, thanks to its nuances. The possibilities do not end here: adding a pinch of beige will create one of the most glamorous fashion looks for autumn winter 2021 2022!


The options don’t end there! Trends also suggest wearing it with brown to accentuate its natural strength, with blue, with purple, with orange and with fuchsia!
What about you? What would you pair green with? For fashion suggestions contact us in DM on Instagram.


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