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As you know from our Instragram stories pollysfittingroom every day we give many Fashion Tips about what you can buy and where. Given their success, we’ve decided to have them here on our website, too. Every week we’ll repost the best fashion tips of the week, so you can always find them.

Let’s start!

Some days ago we talked about TIE DYE! Remember?

If you are looking for something fun to do these days, tie-dye is the answer!

Follow these DIY instructions to learn the basics of the psychedelic trend of this summer! The dyeing process is quite easy, everyone can obtain it with few, simple materials you can buy online in kits of 3, 8, 12 or 16 colours.

If you are ordering online, remember to read the description carefully, as some kits may not contatin all you need (colours, vials, elastics, sheets). It’s not always the case, but it can happen. So here’s what you need:

  • Coloring-> full colouring or basic RIT
  • Plastic bottles (the ones with a cap on) you will need these if you want to add another technique!
  • Elastics -> elastics won’t absorb the colouring. According to how many items you are dyeing, you may want to order a larger quantity of elastics, (standard or large size are better) so you can obtain different effects with elastics of different sizes.
  • Rubber gloves -> colour stains won’t last longer than a couple of days but it’s better to wear them. And remember to wear clothes you don’t mind if they accidentally get stained or ruined.
  • Buckets
  • Scissors
  • Plastic bags/trash bags -> to spread on the table/floor to avoid staining all the surfaces.



Gather the items you want to dye. Cover all the surfaces around you so you don’t stain them and then wear gloves.


Before you start dyeing, soak the pieces of clothing in water and wring them well. Dyes will penetrate better if the fabrics is wet. You can do this in the sink or in a bucket. If the item you want to colour is new, it may be a good idea to put it in the laundry or wash it with some soap before dyeing.


Shake the coloring vials well! Carefully read the instructions, check if they need to be left to sit for a while or if they have an expire date. According to the effect you want to obtain, you can use the full colour or have it fade. The instructions will tell you if you need to use cold or hot water, too.


Choose your technique, fold the item and fix it with the elastics. Now it’s time to start the dyeing process!


You can now let creativity loose! Start by choosing what colours you want on your item, then start dyeing your item of choice that you have accurately tied with elastics. When the colours combine they create wonderful effects. For example: orange and yellow, if mixed with pink, create a wonderful spring vibe! You can dye creating stripes, polka dots, sections. Whatever you do, it will be beautiful and unique! Experiment!


Once you’ve finished, place your clothes in plastic bags firmly closed and leave them overnight, so that the dye cna penetrate the fabric. If you don’t want the colours to mix, place each item in a different bag. If you don’t want the dark blue of the sweater to mix with your nice orange socks, don’t place them in the same bag. The longer you leave your clothes in the bags the mor intense the colours will be. If you leave them for 2 days, colours will become super intense.


This is the best part… Prepare for some magic! After dreaming for your sweater all night long, open the plastic bags (do this operation in a bath tub or a shower) and rinse the clothes with cold water before removing the elastics. You may do this after you’ve removed the elastics but the colour may stain the white parts. Cut out all the elastics and rinse again. Hang them to dry and there you are! Your new colourful clothes are almost ready! If you feel the colours are not bright enough, repeat the process adding more colouring!


The washing rules for dyed clothes are very specific. Be careful not to mix tie-dye items with other clothes in your laundry!

The most important rules to follow are:

1. Do not wash tie-dye items together with other clothes for at least the first laundries. Wash them separately in cold water with a little amount of soap and tumble dry them soon after.

2. The dye will fade after several laundries. The best part of tie-dye is that you can refresh it again and again for as many times as you want.

Have fun!


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