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SSHEENA: the brand, equivocal by choice, that doesn’t care (or not).
With Ssheena is impossible to get bored. The brand, which mixes nonconformity, street wear, Made in Italy savoir-fare and sportswear, has a style with rigorous shapes but with fun colors, which win at first glance. Behind the scenes is the duo formed by Sabrina Mandelli, who launched Ssheena after experience with brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Ring and Off-White, and Luca Adami.

As Mandelli told Marie Claire, the inspiration behind the brand’s concept is the punk rocker Sheena from the Ramones’ song, “an independent woman who’s also a bit reckless, who doesn’t mind being contradictory. In short, someone who doesn’t give a damn about your opinion of her”. And in fact, we find a collection with straight cuts, rigorous volumes but softened by sinuous patterns or super bright colors, square toe sandals and asymmetrical sweaters whose sharp lines contrast with the softness of mohair.

Because after all Ssheena is like that, “equivocal by choice, a woman who cares but also a careless man”, a sexy and intellectual woman at the same time, who makes seduction her weapon, but light-heartedly, giving a (big) shit, but only in appearance.

What did we love about Ssheena’s F/W 2021 collection? The garments that play with lines and volumes bordering on the hysterical, the colors that are mixed in unexpected contrasts (and that, just as unexpectedly, look great together), but above all the creative verve, sometimes a bit neurotic, contradictory and “iconoclastic a bit by attitude and a bit by vice”. In Ssheena we see some of our manias, a friend of ours, a girl we saw in the street and who has impressed us. Without forgetting that Ssheena “by the way, is in the fashion business.”

The item we liked the most? The long sleeve, high neck knit dress. The silhouette follows the curves, but reinvents and redesigns them by mixing them with the black and white spotted pattern. To be worn all winter long, strictly with superfluous tights.


by Maria Bellotto
27th October, 2021

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