Primo Atto was born in 2021 from an idea of Irene Petta and Cristina Ferretti, who wanted to create a bag of minimal, unique design that would be timeless. “We had a very specific design of a bag in mind, hence our adventure was born. Then, we also set out to think of a name that would fit our brand and the concept we wanted to express through the product,” Petta explains.

“We wanted an Italian name, one that was not simply a play on words or the combination of our names but a word of impact that would express the idea of made in Italy, art, craftsmanship and at the same time also something very personal to us, so our first experience, our entry into the scene, so to speak,” he continues. “Of course, we are for all intents and purposes a small business. We take care of practically everything, personally taking care of every detail, from packaging to the editorial calendar for social. Our rooms have become real warehouses! It’s something that gives us a lot of satisfaction and also constantly challenges us creatively.” 

Former university colleagues with a background in fashion communication and marketing behind them, Petta and Ferretti felt the need to bring a creative idea to life and founded a small business, Primo Atto. “As for the realization in the material and manual sense, we wanted to rely on someone who had specific experience,” Petto explains, “while for everything related to content management and implementation, communication in general, we take care of it.”

Essential, geometric in its square lines, almost conceptual; this is how Prima was born, a bag that fully embodies the philosophy behind the brand. And in fact, as Petta tells us, “Our philosophy stems from the encounter and balance between an aesthetic focus and the idea of slow fashion.” He continues, “We give a lot of importance to the visual aspect but at the same time to our principles from the production point of view, which respect a no-waste ethic that enhances the uniqueness of each piece.” As for the model name, he explains, “we wanted it to have symbolic continuity with the brand name. Not only is it actually the first model of handbags that we hope will be followed by others… but it is also the first time it is presented to the public, like a premiere at the theater”-reconnecting, by the way, to a typically Italian cultural heritage. 

In fact, the bags are not only entirely handmade but are produced in quantities proportional to demand, according to an on-demand business model very common to the slow fashion approach. “The style and individual components of the bag are designed to achieve an accessory that never goes out of fashion, capable of being worn and exploited for a long time,” Petta concludes.

When asked about the production process behind a Primo Atto bag, Petta relates; “We had to make several prototypes to find the ideal type of leather as well as the wood for the internal structure, so that it would be rigid to the right point without being heavy. The locking mechanism took several attempts because being invisible it works through a magnetic system.” In terms of suppliers, on the other hand, “we are currently working with an artisan in the northern part of Rome, as well as the supplier from whom we get the leathers. In general we chose suppliers and manufacturers that were all on Rome precisely so that we could closely follow the creation process from start to finish. From the wood, to the feet and buckles … we are the ones who go piece by piece to then rely on the expert hands of a craftsman who specializes precisely in leather goods.”

But what is Primo Atto’s direction in the coming months? The founder’s ideas are clear: “The priority will be to make ourselves known: being in the beginning there are many things planned, yet to be accomplished. First of all, the opening of an official web page so that online purchasing will be easier. We plan to bring out other models for which special color charts will be designed, probably for September.” One anticipation they gave? “The concept will remain faithful to that of la Prima but smaller in size,” they reveal.

Petta and Ferretti also say they are optimistic about the response of the market and the fashion industry in the future: “We are very optimistic about the new generation of buyers,” they comment, pointing out that they are the ones dictating the fate and trends of the fashion industry. “In our opinion, the cultural need to make responsible, inclusive and qualitative choices will act as a guideline for most fashion companies. There will certainly be exceptions at both low and high levels of the industry, but the general trend is to favor products that have a high ethical/stylistic value capable of lasting over time.”

Primo Atto really seems to be starting its adventure in the fashion world on the right foot: a super cool bag with a fresh design, a sustainable approach, and a consistent aesthetic that convinces. We like it!




by Maria Bellotto
24th May, 2022

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