Del Core is a brand founded in Milan by Daniel Del Core, after experiences at Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Gucci-for which he followed no less than the VIP atelier, an experience that would prove fundamental to his brand’s style. With a theatrical sensibility, Del Core was inspired by the excellence of Made in Italy craftsmanship and created collections with a complex structural and material construction of garments.

Exaggerated shoulders, puffed sleeves, ruffles, darts, and headpieces that look like sculptures-not to mention oversized plush, pink ruffles, and playful transparencies that trick the eye by reshaping the female body. Beauty, according to Del Core is an animated, living creature, constantly mutating-the collections are in the process of becoming, complementing each other-a ready-to-wear reminiscent of couture, both for evening and everyday.

And central is the dimension of the atelier, the place “of the heart” where everything begins: a house in downtown Milan where fin de siècle elegance meets contemporary details such as marble elements, walnut floors, velvet curtains and furniture designed by the designer himself. The house revolves, literally and metaphorically, around the atelier, a laboratory of ideas where DelCore’s fabric collections are born, with an emphasis on Made in Italy craftsmanship. 

A perfect mix of haute couture and ready-to-wear, feminine pieces that marry flowing lines and sophisticated cuts. Del Core is like that, telling us about a wild, shape-shifting fashion, impossible to harness or worse to label in a genre, in a stereotype. Certainly the experience in haute couture is felt, and each garment is a small masterpiece of savoir faire and craftsmanship, of borderline obsessive research into materials and attention to the smallest detail.

Whether it’s a tailor-made garment made in the Milan atelier, or something from the ready-to-wear collection, Del Core is the new must-have of the season…looking forward to the next collection!


by Maria Bellotto
11th May, 2022

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