his week, we’re putting away bikinis and flip flops and we’re going to talk about autumn trends.
And what best print to represent autumn if not Paisley?

Evergreen and easily recognizable thanks to its drop or tear shape, a must that will trend this season!
Paisley (commonly known as cashmere print) is a pattern that originated in the Middle East, that recalls the shape of a date leaf, a plant that is known as the tree of life.
The name is Scottish, because the city of Paisley was an industrial center that produced cotton during the XVIII and XIX centuries.

These iconic butterflies wings have been declined in so many versions by all the greatest maison. First of all Etro that made Paisley its distinctive feature.

Among the colors in trend for this Autumn/Winter season there are dark shades like black and bordeaux and brighter ones like red and green. Pastel and light colors like pink, wisteria, grey and yellow will be popular, too.

Paisley patterns will give a boho-chic, incredibly urban touch to your looks.
You can play with the most curious colored version and match it with other patterns (like flowers) or just combine it with leather accessories.

Set your imagination free! There are no rules for Paisley!

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