Hello Girls, 
This week we’ll talk about height again… but with focus on tall girls!

You definitely can’t complain… being tall is a great thing!
But we are never satisfied, so often the tallest girls feel very uncomfortable, especially if they’re 10 cm of height gap with their friends! If they are taller than their boyfriend… send help!
But this myth is busting and there are so many celebrities that get together with shorter men: Nicole Kidman when she was with Tom Cruise and Chiara Ferragni with Fedez are good examples.

So, stop feeling uncomfortable for your height! Flaunt it!
Here are tips to enhance it without making you look even taller than you already are:

  •  Use asymmetric dresses;
  • Go for long coats;
  •  Yes to dresses with peculiar patterns and horizontal cuts;
  • Choose oversize accessories;
  • Capri pants and ankle pants will look good on you;
  • Avoid solid color looks;
  • NO to vertical lines, you don’t need them!

Usually, tall girls also have a high centre of gravity, which helps balancing the figure.

 So, treasure our previous tips to lower the centre of gravity. For example, choose long blazer, they’ll spare you a few inches.

As for shoes, you are lucky!

You’ll never have to suffer with 12 cm high heels! Yes to loafers, ballerinas or shoes with a medium heel and peculiar shapes. Not to mention sneakers… so much choice!

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