Hello girls,
welcome to our column about personal image and how to improve it!

Today we’re going to talk about lines. As we know, our eyes are like “scanners” that, if they follow a straight line, can move faster over a figure. The faster it is to visualize a figure, the smaller it appears to our eyes.

For this reason, vertical stripes and lines can make a shape look slimmer and longer to our eyes. On the contrary, orizontal lines make the image wider.

TIP: if you want to make a part of your body look more slender, choose vertical lines, while if you want to give more volume, choose orizontal lines.

With “lines” we don’t just mean the classical stripes, but all the details like zips, seams, folds and buttons… Everything that creates a line!

The concept of lines is fundamental to balance and give harmony to our body shape!

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