Hi girls!!!
From this week we’re going to start talking about how to enhance every single part of our body…today we’re starting with our neck!

Very often we make the mistake of focusing more on the parts of us that we don’t like (like legs, abdomen, etc.) and we “leave out” our strong points… like our neck could be!
It’s a fundamental point, absolutely not to be underestimated, a great ally to make us look taller and slimmer!

Do you guys have long or short necks? Have you never measured it? Well, now is the time to do it! All you need is a dressmaker’s tape measure to measure both circumference and length (from the base of the chin to the collarbones). Generally, a neck is defined as “long” when it exceeds 10cm.
In case you have a shorter or more “recessed” neck between your shoulders, you can use the vertical lines trick to make it look longer, or show it off with a short haircut.

Even the choice of shirt at this point becomes essential: for those who have a short neck it would be good to choose those with the tips of the collar more elongated and always leave the first button open (it will give you a few cm more neck). V-necks are also great, so for the same reason it is better to avoid high necks.
Necklaces are also fine, if chosen long and not choker. Also, the thinner they are, the less volume they create.
Same for earrings: those too large or long will tend to make the neck look shorter, better to aim for a size that falls within 3cm.

Last tip, easy but fundamental: when you take a picture, raise your chin slightly!

Et Voilà!

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