Hi Girls!
Today we return to the topic of shapes and how to best enhance our strengths and not to focus on our weaknesses.

Last time, we talked about the neck (click here to read the article). Today, however, we are going to focus on the shoulders.


Shoulders are synonymous with elegance and posture, they have a fundamental role in balancing our figure!
By now it is well known that if we do not have a correct posture, we will look less harmonious and maybe a few years older!


But, first of all, let’s measure our shoulders. With a ruler start from the hairline to the base of the chin (usually about 17/20 cm). Now take this measurement and compare it with the one we will get from the distance between the bone under the nape of the neck and the end of the shoulder (first the left and then the right).
If your shoulders are longer than your face it means you have “wide” shoulders, otherwise they are “narrow”.

Spalle larghe

Generally, broad-shouldered girls are very athletic and, more often than not, swimmers!
Here are a few tips for you:

Work vertically with long necklaces, deep necklines and V-necks. Diagonal lines and “American” necklines are also fine. Avoid horizontal stripes!
You don’t particularly need balloon sleeves or padded shoulder pads, you already have a big shoulder by nature!
Opt for high collars and suspenders.
Even the choice of a nice kimono or cardigan suits you, as long as they do not further structure your shoulders but are soft and slippery fabrics!
Prefer one-shoulder dresses (always working on diagonal lines) and mermaid skirts.

Top monospalla

…What about girls with narrower, more petite shoulders? The opposite rules apply to you!

Absolutely yes to padded shoulders and balloon sleeves, try to give as much volume as possible to harmonize your figure.
Yes to structured jackets, both in classic versions and in faux leather jackets.
You can also opt for collarless coats with a mandarin collar, very chic!
For necklines choose wide, boat-shaped or band.

Camicia voluminosa

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