Hi Girls,
Today we’re back to talking about shapes and how to best enhance ourselves.

This week the topic is a prickly one, the abdomen! A part that for many of us is a sticking point and very often it is the very part of us that we would like to hide the most.

Let’s start with the concept that, not necessarily having a flat stomach like a surfboard, is part of the nature of the human body! Very often it is just physical conformation!
Being in the central part of the body, it is usually a Focal Point for the human eye, which is why it is best to avoid “highlighting” it with a belt or elastic waistband, if they do not make you feel comfortable.

Better to focus on empire-style dresses that do not fascinate too much the central part of the abdomen. Wrap dresses are also great, with diagonal draping that creates optical illusions.
Avoid creating horizontal lines and prefer dresses rather than matching suits (very trendy, but tend to cut the figure and create a focal point on the waist).
A must are “peplum” dresses and tops, that is, those that have a flounce right on the waist! These are tops to perfectly camouflage any bulge!

When it comes to swimwear, draping and ruffles are our allies, and when it comes to choosing underwear, body shaping options that contain “bulges” are also very valid.

A simple and effective trick? Aim for eye-catching accessories on your upper body so that all the attention is focused there!

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