Hi Girls!
Today we continue our column on the analysis of body parts to enhance, and we still focus on the neck.
Last week we delved into the topic of the short neck, click here if you want to find out more!

Today, however, we focus on the long neck.

If we have a long neck (also called “swan neck”, like Modigliani’s famous paintings), it is very important to pay more attention to our posture.

Don’t hide it or curve it, on the contrary! Head high, belly in and flaunt it with great pride, it really is a part of the body that should be highlighted!

In this case (as opposed to girls with short necks), if you want to have more proportion with your shoulders, high-necked garments are great or, as Audrey Hepburn did, use scarves to tie around your neck! So chic!

What about accessories? Earrings are fine, even the longest and flashiest ones, since they create a continuous line with your long neck thus creating a focal point.

Instead, as far as hair is concerned, green light to half-lengths (even a half-neck bob is perfect!).

I recommend feeling free to show off your neck, it is definitely one of the most feminine parts IN ABSOLUTE!

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