Hello girls!
Welcome back to our Monday appointment!
Do you remember last week? We mentioned the two kinds of center of gravity.

This week we’ll give you tips to balance the form of those of you who have a low center of gravity.  

People with a low center of gravity usually have a torso that is longer than the legs. Examples of stars with a low center of gravity are: Jennifer Lopez, Kate Middelton and Alessandra Ambrosio.
As we can guess, it’s not a matter of weight and body shape but of proportions.

Are you low center of gravity girls? Here are some precious tips:

  • avoid low-waist dresses like those inspired to the 20s fashion
  • go for high waist trousers and skirts
  • yes to 50s style dresses that underline the waist
  • palazzo pants are great for you, your legs will look so long!
  • avoid matching long jumpers with leggings, this kind of look makes the legs look shorter
  • avoid low waist trousers and cropped pants
  • blouses and tops tucked in the trousers are ok
  • choose to wear heels (especially in a nude color, they will look like an extension of the legs)
  • avoid shoes with ankle straps, they “cut” the leg
  • wear belts to enhance the waist and create a separation between torso and legs
  • pay attention to bags with long shoulder straps! They make the torso look even longer!

Anyway, these tips apply to any kind of figure. They are useful to make the legs look longer and more slender, regardless your size or the the shape of your body!

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