Hello girls!
This week we’ll talk about fabrics again and we’ll see how they can help in enhancing our bodies!

A fundamental characteristic of the fabrics we wear is the way they fit: they must fit perfectly to our shapes. Fabrics that contain Elastan are more elastic and more comfortable. 
So, girls, if your weak points are legs or abdomen, then choose stretchy jeans, you will feel much more comfortable!
Tips to understand if an item is too tight for you? If you wear it and you see ugly creases (especially around the area of the buttons)… don’t squeeze yourself into it, choose a larger size!
On the other hand, id a dress or a jacket make vertical creases, it means the item is too large, so choose a smaller size. 

Another element to consider is the weight of the fabric. It is measured in grams per square meter. The heavier the fabrics is, the more suitable it is for coats (around 500gr per sqm). The lighter the fabric is, the more apt for a dress or a blouse (like tulle, which weights less than 100gr per sqm).

The texture of fabrics is also very important, together with their shine. As we discussed in the article about optical illusion, textures can help our silhouettes gain or lose volume. 
An example? Satin is a fabrics that usually increases the volume and gives a rounder look to shapes, perfect for girls with a little bosom who would like to add a size.

Girls, treasure these tips about fabrics, they are fundamental to never make the wrong purchase again!
Next week we’ll see in deep the various kinds of fabrics based on the occasion they are best suited for… stay tuned!

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