This week we are going to focus on armocromia and tan!

Good morning girls!
Can tanning have an influence on armocromia?
Let’s always start from the fact that to find our season of reference and its sub-group we need to understand if our undertone is warm or cold, then we define how intense our natural colors are.
Tanning usually doesn’t drastically change our reference palette, but it can confuse it. That’s why it is better to do your colour analysis when the skin is not tanned, as it tends to darken the skin and lower the contrast.
That said, your undertone won’t change even if you get tanned. If your undertone is cold, it will never get warm. Your undertone remains linked to your season. During the summer, once our skin has soaked a bit of sun and got a little darker, we can match our new palette on clothing and make up, preferring the summer colours that better suit our complexion.
PS. Pay attention to your choice of foundation, as your skin will change colour.
All warm complexion will appear more tanned than cold ones and a tan will highlight your features more or less, according to your skin type. The color harmony of some girls with a cold undertone won’t benefit from a strong tan.
Take these two stars for example: Gisele Bündchen looks divine in her tan, as she belongs to a warm season. Kim Kardashian on the other hand, doesn’t benefit from such an exaggerated tan because she belongs to a winter season.
What do you think?

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