Hi girls! 
 This week we are back talking about colors! After seeing in depth how to use them with armocromia, today we’ll see that they have a fundamental role on the appearance of our figure, too. 

 We have seen that colors can create optical illusion, especially if we play with light/dark to enlarge or narrow the volumes.
The protagonists of this concept are white and black, as opposite colors create a very high contrast (remember our lessons about armocromia?)

Light colors, with a higher amount of white, usually enlarge the shapes, while darker colors, with a high amount of black, tend to reduce them.

A few examples? Jeans with a darker shade always look smaller than the lighter ones!
And cold or lunar color with a good percentage of blue make the figure smaller if compared with warm or solar colors.

 So for each shape and palette we can find the right contrast to create harmony of the body and balance the shape.
By creating a chromatic contrast, we can have a focal point to attract attention on a body part that needs highlighting. If, on the other hand, we want the silhouette to look longer, we need to maintain a uniformity of colors.

 Don’t miss next Monday’s appointment, we’ll see how to use light and dark colors to create color-block looks!

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