Hi Girls, welcome back to our color appointment!
This week we’re talking about contrast within color analysis.

The contrast is a key element in identifying our season of belonging.

What is contrast?

It is the color difference between a mix of elements, it is obtained by taking into account our natural colors of: eyes, skin and hair.

EXAMPLE 1: Girls with very fair skin but with black or otherwise very dark hair, have a high contrast.
EXAMPLE 2: Girls with a light complexion and light hair, on the other hand, have a low contrast.

Understanding whether we have a high or low contrast is fundamental in order to more easily understand which season we belong to.
Taking the two examples above, if the undertone is cold we can easily deduce that the girls in example 1 will belong to the WINTER season, while the girls in example 2 (and therefore with a lower contrast) will belong to the SUMMER season.
The same reasoning applies to those with warm undertones. Here, instead, those who have a different color contrast will belong to the SPRING season, while those who have a low contrast will belong to the FALL season.

Stagioni Armocromia

To identify whether the contrast is high or low, the use of black and white striped drapes is required during the Color analysis session.
Girls who have a high contrast will be completely in harmony with the striped canvas. Conversely, those with low contrast will be more in harmony with a gray or off-white canvas.

Contrast is also key when choosing patterned dresses!

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