Happy Monday girls!!!
Last week we brushed up on the history of the color analysis and how it became a real discipline.

Since the 1980s, the study of colors has been applied as a means of enhancing our natural features during personal counseling.
To facilitate this study, 4 macro-categories have been created that take inspiration from the characteristic colors of the seasons, comparing them to personal skin, eye and hair colors.

There are 4 seasons involved: spring and fall (warm seasons), winter and summer (cold seasons). 

IMPORTANT: it has nothing to do with the temperature of the season or the month of birth, it is the colors in harmony with the palette of the season to which we belong.
So, to define whether we belong to a hot or cold season, it will depend on several factors, but especially on the undertone of our skin, the brightness of our eyes and the contrast between hair, skin and eyes.

All of these elements help to define our season and friend color palette, which will help us look our best.
The season we belong to doesn’t change as the years go by or even if we dye our hair or tan.
Obviously, we can’t define all people in 4 major categories, so subgroups have been created for each individual season.

Curious about the features of each subgroup? Stay tuned!

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