Hi Girls!
Welcome back to our column about the shapes of the body!

Last week we talked about the “rule of the eight heads”, essential to define the proportions of the body and find the center of gravity…

This week, we’re going in depth: what is the center of gravity?

 It’s the “measurement” that helps us understand how long is the torso compared to the legs.
The torso is measured from the chin to the groin. The measure of the legs starts from the groin and reaches down to the ankle.
The center of gravity can be high or low:



  • LOW CENTER OF GRAVITY: it’s when the torso is a bit longer than the legs (a tip to make the figure look more slender is to wear high heels or tuck the blouse inside the trousers to make the bust look shorter);
  • HIGH CENTER OF GRAVITY: when the bust is shorter than the legs, which will look slimmer (even when wearing flat shoes).

Cases of a balanced center of gravity are very rare.



Let’s not be misunderstood, the idea of center of gravity has nothing to do with the height of a person!
It’s easy to understand the kind of center of gravity for us because women, unfortunately, tend to gain weight in the shortest part of their body.

Stay tuned and follow us, next week we’ll focus on the low center of gravity!

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