Good morning girls,

In the past articles we’ve tried to define our friendly colours palette, analyzing all the seasons and their sub-groups.

In this article we will focus exclusively on girls belonging to “WINTER” ❄️

This is the most common season in Mediterranean countries. The main characteristics are the cold undertone and the contrast between hair, eyes and skin.
Hair usually ranges from chestnut to ink black, without golden or copper highlights.
Eyes may be green or intense blue, or very dark brown. Skin easily gives up tan and metallic colours like silver usually enhance it.

Let’s focus on this category’s sub-groups:

Deep winter

They have the darkest eyes of the season. People belonging to this category have very dark colours, and the contrast between skin and hair is low. Black and night blue are great allies of this group. Intense red and wood green are “friendly” colours.

Nude colours, powder, beige and warm colours like salmon or coral do not highlight these people, better to avoid them.

Cool winter
The coldest group in the category. Low contrast between chestnut hair, skin that can be medium fair or very fair and eyes that can range from brown to grey. This group may be mistaken for cool summer but cool winter’s colours are more intense.
YES to cold blues and silver greys, violet and plum are great allies. Yellows and warm colours are no friends, so NO to brick orange and earthy shades.

Bright winter

The brightness of hair and eyes is the distinctive element of this group. The contrast between dark hair and light, intense eyes is high, all this topped with a porcelain skin. Go ahead with cold but bright colours like purple, electric blue, ruby red and emerald green. Colours like smoky grey, military green, olive an salmon usually have a dimmig effect.


Girls who belong to absolute winter will look great in all the season’s colours. A black and white suit is a must.

Accessories are best if black with silver metal parts. Pay attention to small but effective details like lipstick, nail polish and glasses: if you choose a cold red, it will look great on you.

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